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Welcome to Parenthood Abhi-Ash

31 May

While Aishwarya Rai has been a hands on mother to daughter Aaradhya, dad Abhishek Bachchan hasn’t been able to do much. The excited father is happy that his little daughter is now six months old and he is hoping to help Ash with baby chores.

“I can now carry her all the time, play with her, attempt to change her diapers,” said Abhishek to a daily. “Ash didn`t want me to handle our baby when she was younger, because it may have been awkward,” Abhi added.

Apparently, Abhishek was asked to leave the bedroom quite a few times due to the baby’s routine.

“Aaradhya wakes up in the night for her feed and a nappy change. Ash, who`s completely clued in, is up in a jiffy. However, I must confess, it took time for me to get used to the new routine. When the baby cried, I woke up too, but couldn`t go back to sleep immediately. So Ash suggested that I sleep in another room till such time that Aaradhya was slightly older,” added the actor.

But wasn’t he hurt to be shut out of his own bedroom? “Ash suggested that I should sleep separately whenever I have a shoot the next day. I can hardly go on the sets yawning,” he reasoned.

The actor also admitted that he is tad bit jealous of the mother daughter duo and the bond they share. “Ash`s day starts and ends with the baby. Since she insists on doing everything for Aaradhya, including giving her a maalish (massage), bathing her and attending to her round-the-clock, I`m now waiting in queue for Ash`s attention.”


Ranbir Kapoor : The Humble One

29 May

The star kid who became the ‘Rockstar’ of Bollywood has much more depth to his personality than what meets the eye. Here are some lesser known facts about him:

-He is humbleness personified. He behaves in a same way with the spotboy as he does with the director on sets
-His parents never believed in spoiling him. He always travelled in economy class
-When he assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali in ‘Black’, he took public transport to sets. His dad Rishi Kapoor told him “You’re an assistant, behave like one”
-He gets irritated when interrogated beyond limits. He likes his own space
-When he is confused about a script, he asks his mother, Neetu Singh to read it and advise him
– Ranbir respects maturity and simplicity.

No Smoking for Hrithik

24 May

The Greek God of Bollywood: Hrithik Roshan was caught into a trap of smoking addiction due to stress. Here’s is the story behind what made him quit his addiction for good.

While doing ‘Guzaarish’ Hrithik had got friendly with two patients. John Julius and Ashutosh. John was the bright one but Ashutosh thought the world was a beautiful place but his job here was done. One day when Hrithik looked unwell, Ashutosh questioned him about his health. The weakness was prominent on HR’s face. It was because he had started to smoke for the movie. Ashutosh then made a deal with Hrithik that if he agrees to quit smoking, Ashutosh will start his physiotherapy.

When they met again on a later date, Ashutosh asked Hrithik whether he had quit cigarettes. Unfortunately the stress was so immense that Duggu couldn’t work on getting rid of his addiction. But he promised to leave smoking once and for all on the day ‘Guzaarish’ released. Later being involved in promotions and dubbing of the movie, Hrithik never got a chance to meet Ashutosh. Furthermore, when Hrithik got swamped by how badly the movie was doing on the Box Office, he got more stressed.  Although he had promised to quit, Hrithik kept puffing away packs of cigarettes. His stress and insecurities just din’t let him.

When finally he decided to visit Ashutosh, Hrithik got to know that he had passed away. While on the way to Ashutosh’s funeral, Hrithik triggered a severe reaction of an anti-biotic drug combined with smoking, which was so dangerous that the doctors called it a narrow escape. If Hrithik was late for two more minutes, he would have been dead.

Ever since that day, Hrithik decided not to touch the pack of puffs and thanks Ashutosh everyday for saving his life from his monstrous habit. It’s almost been a year since Duggu smoked last and believes that this is his second life gifted to him by Ashutosh’s well wishes for him.

Things you should know about Asin

22 May

Being a star is not easy and Asin knows exactly how to handle the fame. One of the most balanced personas in B-Town, Asin knows where to draw the line and where to spill the beans.

Here are some facts about this beautiful star which you all ought to know:

-If not an actress, she would probably be an IAS officer. Boring but true! She was extremely good at studies

-She knows 7 languages fluently. Tammil, Hindi, English, French, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi & Gujarati

-She doesn’t have a pet name because she thinks ‘Asin’ is short enough

-She can feast endlessly on chips and chocolates

-Once she starts giggling, it’s like a disease. No one can stop her

-Her favourite movie is ‘The Sound Of Music’

-She uses the word ‘Kewlo’ too often in her conversations

-She isn’t a great cook. She says ‘I can cook to save my life. But I can’t guarantee your life if you eat what I have cooked!”

-According to Asin, an ideal guy for her is the one who can survive her cooking and her moods

Bebo’s Confessions

17 May

With her dedication and versatility in her professional front, Kareena Kapoor has captured many hearts and minds. Whether smitten by her beauty or impressed by her talent, it’s hard to let this diva go unnoticed.

As matured and professional she is at her work, Bebo is equally fun-loving when it comes to her personal life. She enjoys being pampered like a princess and loves all worldly leisure. Here are some quick confessions which Bebo made about her personal choices.

Food: Kareena loves food. She belongs to the ‘Kapoor Khandaan’, a hardcore Punjabi family who are crazy food lovers. She doesn’t personally believe in dieting. Her favourite dish is Spaghetti Pasta.

Holiday: Bebo’s favourite holiday destination is Switzerland. She often enjoys visiting this heavenly paradise with her beau Saif Ali Khan whenever she got time to escape off her busy schedule.

Addiction: Kareena is totally addicted to her BlackBerry. Saif once said that in order to get Bebo’s attention (who was sitting right beside him busy with her BB) he had to PING her on her phone because she was so engrossed in it.

Footy-Love: Bebo has a great admiration for shoes and she owns approximately a 400 pairs of the world’s best foot-ware.

Inner desires: Dressing up as a bride has always been something that Bebo loves ever since she was a kid. It holds a very special place in her life. She wants to be the most beautiful bride in the whole world on the day of her wedding.

Emraan Hashmi: The Dark Horse

15 May

Risen as a star right from his debut movie ‘Murder’, Emraan has set a strong foothold in the Bollywood ever since his arrival.

Being termed as the bold actor who took up controversial scripts and roles on his shoulders, Emraan has always served the audiences with something new. He never fears experimentation and his strong trait is his undying dedication towards his work.


In the last 2 years, Emraan has given a number of hits on the Box Office such as ‘Jannat’, ‘Murder 2’, ‘Jannat 2’ and ‘The Dirt Picture’. He has pulled off some great characters really well in the past which has received critical appreciation as well. None the less, Emraan Hashmi is continuing his winning streak by giving all hit movies back-to-back and has become the apple of the eyes of all the producers because the number favour Hashmi’s magic on screen! Best example is of ‘Jannat 2’ which inspite of being pitted against the IPL has done extremely well on the BO.


Furthermore, Emraan also has some big movies lined up in near future such as ‘Shanghai’ and  ‘Ek Thi Daayan’ for starters, wherein he will play extremely different characters. The variations that Emraan brings about in his journey of entertaining the audiences is what makes him the favourite of the masses.


This hunk is surely going to give all the other superstars a run for their money!

Aishwarya’s Bond with Cannes

10 May

All these years, Ash has been making an appearance on the red carpet at Cannes as the ambassador of a cosmetic brand. The beauty queen has graced the Cannes Film Festival alongside many global personalities which has helped her to make her own place in the star studded event.

Not only this has accounted for her world-wide recognition for her beauty and grace, she has also been an ambassador for Indian culture on an international front. This year too she would be representing the same brand making it her 11th year at the prestigious film festival.

Reportedly the actress will be walking the red carpet on two consecutive days, along with other international faces with a bigger role to play as the brand ambassador of the cosmetic brand.