SRK: The ‘Baadshah’ Continues To Rule.

28 Jun

Bollywood has never been the same ever since this young, impressive Delhi boy with an impish charm invaded Bollywood. As King Khan as we all popularly call Shah Rukh Khan completes two successful decades in the industry, let’s delve into what still keeps him ticking with the audiences:


1. His impish charms in the characters he plays, has his lady love run into his arms without he asking for it and the same charm makes everyone of the fairer sex go weak in the knees every time he flashes his dimpled smile!

2. His stammer became his trademark! His “Kkkkkk….Kiran” in Darr is simply unforgettable.

3. Spreading his arms wide open unto the blue azure skies has become a signature pose with most other heroes failing to rework the magic!

4. His floppy and uncommon hairstyle was yet another endearing feature!

5. SRK is not bestowed with conventional good looks! The best thing about his face are his eyes the rest of him being short, thinly built with a crooked nose and uneven lips.

6. His wit is something industry people vouch for. He is known to be late in most dos, but o nce he is there he has everyone eating out of his palm!

7. Shah Rukh has played anti-hero in quite a few films, yet when he is dying in the climax, your heart does go out to him and such is his magic!

8. Shah Rukh Khan has successfully lived upto to the image of a family man contrary to most Bollywood stars who have had numerous flings and affairs. His recent link up with Priyanka Chopra was shocking but unbelievable!

9. His heroines in his films are not mere arm candies. Every heroine in his films, has had a distinct shade to her character.

10. SRK proved it that TV can make it big too! He started out with television with shows like Fauji and Circus.

11. Kajol once said that Shahrukh would romance a cow on screen and still make it look convincing. That’s the kind of chemistry he shares with his heroines onscreen – be it Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Juhi Chawla or the younger lot: Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra or Anushka Sharma. For as long as the film lasts, he makes you believe that the love story portrayed on screen is true.

12. SRK has amazing energy. He himself has admitted that he barely sleeps for four hours every night.

13. He began his career as the anti-hero, but went on to become the most loved romantic hero in contemporary Bollywood. When that got too boring, he tried being a patriotic hockey coach, a don and later a superhero. It’s never too late for an image makeover

14. Shah Rukh’s passion for the character he plays in infectious. His passion makes his character look real and convincing. When he loves in DDLJ, fights in Darr or inspires his team in Chak De! India, he does it with a mad passion.

15. Raj: He is the lover boy every girl dreams about – he loves without conditions, serenades his ladies and accords them respect. The sincerity and innocence with which he portrayed Raj in DDLJ helped make the film iconic and his character, representative of the ideal hero.

16. SRK was one of the first actors of his generation to realise how important it is to market a film properly. His campaigns for  RA.One, Shahrukh were an intense eight-month-long publicity campaign.

17. Shahrukh is a upper dad and says that he no longer does a Baazigar or a Darr anymore because of his children. He even made what is perhaps Bollywood’s most expensive film, RA.One, just for his son. He attends his kids’ dance shows and martial arts competitions, and goes on bicycle rides with them, ensuring they have some normalcy in their lives

18. SRK is a gadget junkie. He jumped on to the tech bandwagon long before other stars began to boast about their gadgets.

19. SRK loves and belongs to Bollywood and has helped sell it to an international audience. He brought Akon to India just to record one song and got Hollywood technicians to work on RA.One.

20. SRK made it clear with his attitude that dancing at weddings is cool. He openly admitted that he needed the money to fund his productions, at a time when no star would talk about such matters in public.





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