Akshay Kumar’s Fitness Secrets.

12 Jul

Akshay Kumar is known for his lean and agile bodies, but what most of us do not know is that Akki has never lifted weights, has never had a personal trainer or even does not have a specific diet to follow, yet he has one of the most enviable bodies ever!

Akshay owes his outlook towards life to martial arts, particularly Karate.

A total fitness freak, Akshay wishes that some form of martial arts should be taught in Indian schools so that every child has the opportunity to fight, defend and discipline.

In support of her husband’s stand, Akkis’s wife Twinkle Khanna and his sister teach yoga to the children of their housing society!

In order to stay fit and energetic, Akshay goes to bed at 9pm and rises at 4:30am and heads for his gym where he just plays around for an hour or hour-and-a-half.

A combination of kickboxing, basketball, swimming, parkour and other sports also helps Akshay stay in shape.

He easy going with his food too and says, “I am an Indian and I love to eat, but I am careful not to binge.”We are what we eat,” he says. “There is no hiding it. I am a Punjabi and I was born to eat.”

With no set diet, he follows three simple rules: Simple home-cooked food, Light dinners comprising soups or salads and Dinner MUST be over by 7 pm.

His breakfast is eggs, maa-ka-parantha juices or milkshake.

Lunch he carries from home, but shares the lunch of coworkers if they have something interesting.

Dinner is a light meal consisting of salads, soup or chicken. He snacks on dry fruits and does not know the taste of tea and coffee.

Sundays is the day he sets aside for eating “everything that comes my way”.

His weakness is sweets and he’ll have a bit of chocolate cake, gulab jamun or any Indian mithai to keep his sweet tooth satisfied.

Akshay is a big fan of Ayurvedic medicine and treatments.




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